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All graduating seniors and former graduates of Staples High School, in Westport, CT, are eligible to apply for a Staples Tuition Grants grant each year the student is attending an undergraduate, community college, vocational or trade school.  Grants are awarded to students based on demonstrated financial need and are grants – not loans – and are therefore paid directly to the school the student attends, applied to the student’s net tuition, room and board cost.  Awards are for one school year only, and students need to reapply each year they wish to be considered, but can apply any year they are in an undergraduate (or equivalent) program.  Every year we consider each applicants current financial situation; whether or not the recipient has received an award in the past is not part of the criteria, so we encourage any eligible student with need to apply.



Every spring we hold an Awards Ceremony to honor that year’s grant recipients.  We welcome our donors to attend, especially those who funded or administer STG named awards.  Recognizing our students and connecting them with the sponsors of their awards is one of the great joys of our year.

The 2023 ceremony was held at the Staples High School auditorium on May 30, 2023.  All 2023 applicants who received an award for the 2023-24 academic year were invited to attend, along with award donors and members of the Staples and Westport community. The ceremony was hosted by Dan Woog and included several guest speakers, including First Selectwoman Jennifer Tooker; Dick Kalt, a former STG board member and the donor for the Kalt Family Award, and Faiza Qureshi, a SHS ’17 graduate and past STG award recipient.