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Asking for money is not a natural act for many people, but giving seems to be in the 06880 DNA. We are in awe of the generosity of fellow Westporters whose donations enable their young adult neighbors to pursue their dreams of higher education. This is not only a worthy investment for those currently living here but also a future investment into our community, as many recipients return to Westport to raise their own families.

Staples Tuition Grants works hard to continue this mission, which started in 1943 with a $100 donation from the Staples High School PTA. That first grant was the start of an organization that has provided assistance – for nearly 80 years – to thousands of Staples graduates and to help ensure that all of our students in Westport have this life-changing opportunity and experience.

This year, through the incredible generosity of our donors, we awarded $400,000 to 108 students in grants ranging from $1,000 to $7,500. Unfortunately, we can’t fill the entire gap, but we can help by funding about 17% of the recipients’ net need. These scholars are attending 74 institutions of higher learning for 2022-23 school year. Aside from the STG General Fund, we are distributing grants from 87 named awards, which share the stories and reflect the history of the people in our vibrant town.

On behalf of our Board, we want to say thank you to everyone: to our donors for their incredible kindness and passion for the STG mission; to our student award recipients, who have worked so hard and diligently to reach this point in their education; to their parents, who have supported their children throughout the years, and have juggled numerous priorities to guide them to graduation; and to the teachers, administrators and staff that have adapted to enormous challenges thrown their way and continue to instill in our students resilience, fortitude, and grit.

Finally, we hope that this year’s award recipients know that our amazing Westport community is supporting them and will continue cheering them on along their path to a promising future.

Glenn Payne & Lisa Hill
Co-Presidents 2021-22, Staples Tuition Grants
October 2022