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STG relies on volunteers to oversee and carry out all of the organization’s activities, including the award selection process, fundraising to sustain our mission, interaction with students and the community, and the financial aspects of running the organization.  While our fiscal year runs from August 1st to July 30th, we begin the search and nomination process near the end of each calendar year and are always looking for volunteers who share in our passion of helping students and their families obtain higher education.

Our board is comprised of people connected to the Westport community – whether they be Staples alumni or current local residents – who contribute their time and energy and believe in our mission.  We are in need of individuals willing to serve 3-year terms on our Donor, Student, Finance, Database or Marketing committees, or in one of our officer roles (Co-President, Treasurer, Secretary).  We are a fun, social board as well, and enjoy the journey as well as the destination of providing over 100 students a year with meaningful financial assistance to pursue their higher education dreams.

If you have interest to serve or volunteer, please reach out to any of the board members listed here, or use the Contact section of this website to reach out to us – we would love to hear from you.


The STG Board of Directors is comprised of local residents who volunteer to serve for three-year terms (a year runs from August 1st to July 31st).  Many of our directors are graduates of Staples High School, some are former STG recipients.  Every Director serves as an officer (Co-President, Treasurer or Secretary) or on one of five working committees, each led by a Committee Chair:  Donor, Student, Finance, Database, and Marketing.  The full Board of Directors meet in full at regular intervals throughout the fiscal year.  Individual committees meet frequently during specific parts of the year.


Iain Bruce, Co-President
Ed Hulina, Co-President

Candace Banks
Tammy Barry
Melissa Cahn
Robert Decosimo
Meredith Donaher
Karen Ellman
Karen Fountain
Chuck Haberstroh
Jodi Harris
Lisa Hill
Jimmy Izzo
Trevor Lally
Joe Massoud
John McCarthy
Sue McGillion-Moore
Doug Pardon
Glenn Payne
Kathy Ragland
Sandy Rappaport
Karen Speller
Tim Steele
Barbara Sweeney
Sue Vester
Julie Whamond
Kirsten Woods


Matt Porio, President

Kate Andrews
Scott Bennewitz
Andrea Berkley
Jessica Branson
Maureen Coogan
Tony Eason
Doug Fincher
Mary Foster
Mary Beth Fyda
Rhonda Payne
Lee Frey Saveliff


Rae Lynn Ambach
Sandy Atwood
Susan Baron
Jody Beck
Mrs. J.E. Beighle
Morton Berger
Robin Berggren
Richard Berkowitz
John J. Berry, Jr.
Mrs. Samuel Bieman
Mrs. Malcolm Beinfield
Mrs. Paul F. Biklen
Paul Biklenaa
Ralph Bishoff
Lee Bollert
Karen Borgia
Diana Bowes
Robert Brannigan
Mrs. Rowland Brown
Nancy Bruggerman
Jacob Bryniczka
Stephen A. Budner, Jr.
Caitlin Frey Burke
Susan Burns
Mrs. Sydney Cable
Anita Caggiano
Earl Capuano
Mari Flemming Carroll
Eugene Cederbaum
Carla Cohn
Robert Colgan
Kevin Collins
Pam Collins
Roberta Cooper
Kim Murray Cooper
Patty Cope
Catherine Davis
Amy L.Y. Day
Anthony De Pierro
Sid Diamond
Maggie Diviney
Richard Diviney
Arlene Doherty
Carole Donnenfeld
Nancie Dupier
Mrs. Douglas Edwards
Joyce Eldh
Mrs. Thomas Ellis, Jr.
William Eyerly
Richard Fincher
Cynthia Fitzgerald
Sheila Flinn
Nathalie Fonteyne
Luisa Francoeur
Sylvia Galambos
Leslie Gallant
Ed Gallant
Ernest Gamache
Bruce Gaylord
Laurie Gendell
Dr. James R. Gillespie
Mrs. Ralph O. Glendinning
Marilyn Goldrosen
Michael Goodman
Mrs. Ernest Goodrich
Lisa Goto
W.C. Griffith
George Guryan
Charles Halper
Mrs. Jackson Hand
Stuart Handleman
Herb Hardt
Anne Hardy
Marianne Harrison
Joanne Heller
Ric Hendee
Cornelia Herlihy
Karen Hess
Jane Horton
John Hunter
Steven Israel
Francoise Jaffe
Hal James
Alex Jinishian
Virginia Johnson
Robert Haydon Jones
Richard Kalt
Peggy Kamins
Mrs. L.W. Kanaga
Renie Karazan
Mrs. Jeff Keats
Gail Kelly
Patricia Kessler
Judith Kiernan
James Kinnally
Ruth Kinson
Jeanne Klinge
Lisa Krosse
Alan Landis
Bernice Lanning
Sigrid Laughlin
Michael Laux
Karen Lessler Schwartz
Mrs. Max Levinson
Barbara Levy
Renata Libner
Kerry Liles
Martin Linker
Stanley Lorentzen
Donald MacNary
Mrs. Harry Markel
Dr. John Martin
AnnMarie Massie
Ginny McGovern
Carl McNair
Wendy Melnick
Mrs. Timothy Merwin, Jr.
Marty Milligan
Edwin Mitchell
William Mitchell
Andrea Moore
Kathi Moran
Rob Morrison
Maggie Mudd
Joyce Netherton
Gary Nusbaum
Dixie Webb O’Brien
Joseph Olsen
Joyce Orkand
Mrs. Gaston Oxenaar
Varsha Pathare
Raymond Platow
Beverly Plyer
G. Rogers Porter
William Resko
Roy Roberts
Gardner Robinson
Louis Rolla
Anne Rosoff
Burchard Royce
Arthur Sachs
Mrs. Howard Plitt Sadtler, Jr
Bonnie Sammet
Thomas C.C. Sargent
Phil Schemel
Barry Schwimmer
Edgar See
Leslie Seidman
Betty Sheffer
Ruth Sherman
Harris Shevelson
John Shuck
Lucretia Sias
Melissa Signorile
Sara Skinner
Donna Smirniotopoulos
Lori Sochol
Ruth Solway
Edmund Stefenson
Susan Stefenson
Wolsott Street
Ted Sullivan
Alfred Thompson
Davie Tillson
Nancy Tillson
Vincent Tirola
Mary Towers
Genevieve Tucker
Mrs. Robert Vested
Nancy Wachen
MarySue Waterman
Lamar Webb
Carey Weber
Stephen Weisskopf
Sharon Wessan
Tom Whelan
Jeffrey Wieser
Michele Williams
Frank Winch II
Stan Witkow
Leslie Wolf
Douglas Worth
Marilyn Worth
Robert B. Wright
Douglas Young
Liz Youngling
Mary Youngling
Joseph Zambelli