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STG Covid-19 Community Challenge

April 5, 2020

Created in April 2020, The STG Covid-19 Community Challenge is Westport’s response to the global pandemic for STG’s grant recipients.  Many students and their families in our own community have been hit hard by the response to the crisis, and – in addition to facing health issues – have experienced significant loss of income and opportunities to work.  Many students’ ability to even pursue or continue higher education at all in 2020-21 will be determined by the amount of financial aid they receive.  To respond to this urgent need, STG partnered with a small group of generous donors who pledged $50,000 to establish the STG Covid-19 Community Challenge Fund, with a challenge to the Westport community to meet or exceed an additional $50,000 in donations.  As of May 2020, our initial goal was met, and over $108,000 in funds raised in this campaign were granted to 2020-21 grant recipients who demonstrated Covid-related need, which supplemented the grant they otherwise would have received.  We will continue to accept donations to this fund, and apply all donations received to next year’s grant pool.

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